Find out if you can get a smart meter

Mojo Smart Meter-01 (1)A smart meter is an advanced digital meter that records your electricity usage over 30 minute intervals and remotely communicates this information back to us.

With a smart meter, you'll get actual bills (no more estimates) and complete visibility of your energy usage through the Mojo app and online portal.

With Mojo Power, we will absorb the cost of your smart meter installation as long as it meets the safety standards. If not, we'll quote for this work and pass through applicable fees and charges should you decide to go ahead.

Fill in the form so our experts can complete a digital assessment to determine whether we can install a smart meter at your property. This can take up 5 days, it's all done remotely (there won't be anyone coming to your home) and we'll send you an email when your assessment is complete to let you know the outcome and next steps.