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Why Single Minded?

Our single-minded-ness comes from confidence in knowing what you want. You want simple, you want carefree, you want the single life (even if we're not).

Mojo Power gets it, which is why we offer a single rate, a single focus, a single minded energy rate.


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Why Mojo?

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We're an advocate for renewables and believe
solar and batteries are a formidable
combination of energy.

Wherever you are in your energy journey we want you to get the best possible value. So if you’re not sure, ask us what the best product is for you
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We're working hard to bring you tools
that monitor usage and
products that save on your energy costs.


The tips on how to use less energy

We give you tips and tricks that will
reduce your power consumption.
We hate waste and we don't want you to unnecessarily spend money on electricity
if you don’t need to.